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Introduction is a collection of images you use on forums for humourous effect (aka "image macros" or "thread bombs" (or if you're a sad manga freak on Gaiaonline, "pictoflame") rather than typing out "STFU", "ROFL", "Owned" and so on...

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The List

1337-Cereal.jpg1337 l33t breakfast cerreal oatmeal emotion eric0v3rcl0ck yu0r br34kfa5t l33t m4d3 w/ a shiatload of sugar!!!11! r0x0r omg!!!111 Oatmeal is teh sux!!!111 EAT L33T!!11emotion eric
1337-Fish.jpg1337 133t fish omfg omg prize winOMFG! You're s0 133t!!!animalW3bbo
1337-Goal_Kick.jpg1337 goal kick football soccerOMG You're Fucking 1337
1337-JarJar.jpg1337 jarjar binksMesa Saya OMG Roflozor zaffle!11jarjar
ASL-Bad_Eyesight.jpgasl blind woman female eyeA/S/L? =D
ASL-Creepy_Guy.jpgasl sunglassesA/S/L ???
ASL-Dog.jpgASL dog husky computer14/f/iaanimal
ASL-Pet_cone.jpgASL fetisha/s/l?
ASL-Phone_operator.jpgASL operator headset blondeA/S/L ?
ASL-Red_face.jpgASL face redA/S/L?W3bbo
ASL-ScaryOld.jpgASL <CuteChick69> A/S/L?
ASL-Tranvestite.jpgASL fetish transvestiteA/S/L ???
ASL-Weird_Look.jpgASL A/S/L?
Attention-19th_hole.jpgAttention golf police chase chasingAttention Whore 19th hole
Attention-Bell.jpgAttention Do you need attention?
Attention-Blonde.jpgAttention strippper blondeYou Are An Attention Whore!!!!!
Attention-Body_Art.jpgAttention Attention Whore!!
Attention-Caution.jpgAttention warning signCaution Attention Whores Do Not Approach
Attention-Face_art.jpgAttention piercing tattoo body-artHey Look at me! Im an attention whore!
Attention-Firing_squad.jpgAttention executionYou wanted attention? You Got It, Bitch.
Attention-Flags.jpgAttention semaphore wavingPlease Look At Me
Attention-GotAttention.jpgAttention fashion modelGot Attention?
Attention-Look_what_I_can_do.jpgAttention karate kick judoHey Look What I Can Do
Attention-Look_what_I_can_do_2.jpgAttention breakdancing breakdanceLook what I can do!
Attention-The_Office.JPGAttention danceAren't you the…attention whore!!!Ricky Gervais
Attention-Whore_Beach.jpgAttention naked handstandLook at me!!! I'm an attention whore!!!!
B33r-Doggie.jpgB33r dog beerOMG!! The B33r truck is coming!!!!!!!111animalPA
B33r-Hit_Car.jpgB33r truckThe b33r truck is h3re!!!!!111oneone fuck! who did we just hit?W3bbo
B33r-Is_Here.jpgB33r truck crashThe b33r truck is here!!!W3bbo
Ban-Bucket.jpgBan Asshats go in the ban bucket
Ban-Praying_monk.jpgBan baldDear God, ban this newbie!
Ban-Roman.jpgBan Gladiator Emperor Thumbs downBan Him!Joaquin Phoenix
Ban-Talk_Show.jpgBan Jenny JonesDid you get owned as a kid? Banned because I'm too gay
Ban-THX1138.jpgBan George LucasBanned!
Ban-Unleash_moderators.jpgBan moderators mod angel axe axUnleash the mods!
Ban-Watch_It.jpgBan Watch it buster, or you'll be banned!
Belittle-Bite_you.jpgBelittle boxing boxerI'll bite youMike Tyson
Belittle-Crushed_Gerbil.jpgBelittle fist hamsterPrepare to be crushedanimal
Belittle-Eat_Your_Kids.jpgBelittle boxer boxing intimidatingI'm going to eat your children
Belittle-Flame_Thrower.jpgBelittle flamewar vietnam* *You are heresoldier
Belittle-Like_a_noob.jpgBelittle ninja hoodedIf you post like a n00b you will be flamed like a n00b
Blank-CatWashingMachine.jpgBlank cat tabby washing machine dooranimal
Blank-Chicken.jpgBlank chicken cockrel animal not amused serious
Blank-Facepalm.gifBlank laptop dell business facepalm stress ffs
Blank-Monkey_piss.jpgBlank monkey piss drink
Blank-Nerd.jpgBlank nerd calculator pocket protector glasses dork
Blank-Oolong-Devil.jpgBlank bunny animal rabbit carrot turnip root vegetable
Blank-Oolong-ToiletPaper.jpgBlank toilet paper TP
Blank-Panda_go_cart.jpgBlank panda go-kart cart speedway wtf
Blank-Picard_Facepalm.jpgBlank Star Trek Next Generation Jean-Luc Picard ffs stressPatrick Stewart
Blank-Picard_Shinzon.jpgBlank Shinzon Star Trek Nemesis Jean-Luc Picard Patrick Stewart Tom Hardy
Blank-Polar_Bear_shield_eyes.jpgBlank polar bear shield eyes scared terrified wtf arghanimal
Blank-Spiderman_jump_derby.jpgBlank wtf spiderman China Filmka
Blank-WolfNibbles1.jpgBlank wolf pup puppies mouth stfu shut upanimal
Blank-WolfNibbles2.jpgBlank wolf mouth snout stfu shut upanimal
Blank-WTFCat.jpgBlank wtf tabby headtilt catanimal
BooHoo-50s_girl.jpgBooHoo 1950s girl sarcasmBoo hoo
BooHoo-Baby.jpgBooHoo weep sarcasmBoo fucking hoobaby
BooHoo-Big_baby.jpgBooHoo fetishStop acting like a big baby
BooHoo-Cry_baby.jpgBooHoo tissue nose sniffleYou fucking crybaby
BooHoo-FatBastard.jpgBooHoo austin powers scottish sarcasmOh boo-hooFat Bastard
BooHoo-Nipple.jpgBooHoo scaryDoes baby need a nipple to suckle?
Bump-Card_game.jpgBump Bump the sneaky numbers game
Bump-Head_injury.jpgBump boxing boxer ouch* bump
Bush_ORLY.jpgstartledO RLY?!?George Bush
CantSee-Black_Hawk_Down.jpgCantSee we got a server down!solider
CantSee-Bunny.jpgCantSee fluffyI can't see shit!animal
CantSee-Captain.jpgCantSee star trek engineering blindCant see SHIT captain!Geordi La Forge
CantSee-Cat.gifCantSee animatedgifanimal
CantSee-Dog_with_glasses.jpgCantSee I cant see shit!animal
CantSee-Missing_link.jpgCantSee evolution natural selection
CantSee-RayCharles.jpgCantSee blind redexI can't see shitRay Charles
CantSee-Ray-RedEx.jpgCantSee blind redexI can't see shitRay Charles
CantSee-Redex_Warning.gifCantSee redexWarning
Care-1950sGossip.jpgCare 1950s womenI hear that nobody in here gives a fuck
Care-Arnold.jpgCare cigar complacentYou know what? I don't give a flying fuck
Care-Bear.jpgCare carebearsThis little bear may care but the rest of us dont give a fuckLove-A-Lot Bear
Care-Clippy.gifCare Who really fucking cares?Clippy
Care-Coleman.jpgCare wondering dismissiveWho fuckin' cares?Gary Coleman
Care-Fascinating_(Basketball).jpgCare sarcasmWow this is fucking fascinatingLakers
Care-Map.jpgCare map globe nobodyThis is where the people who care live
Care-NoBody.jpgCare Guess what? Nobody cares
Care-O-Meter.gifCare Care-o-meter
Care-People_(chairs).jpgCare Here are the people who care
Care-QWERTitis.jpgCare sarcasmWow! This thread is so interesting…
Care-Raise_Hand.jpgCare Raise your hand if you careNo-armed-man
Care-Richard_Simmons.jpgCare Whoopdy-fuckin'-doRichard Simmons
Care-Room.jpgCare Here is the room of those who care
Care-Stadium.jpgCare This is the crowd of people that care
Care-Where_in_the_world.jpgCare This is where the people who care live
Care-Whoop_de_fucking_doo.gifCare 1950s sarcasmWhoop-dee fucking do!
Care-Whoop_de_fucking_doo_(psydellic).jpgCare sarcasm psychedelic Whoop dee fuckin' doo!
Care-Wilie.jpgCare simpsonsWillie hears you revving.. Willie don't careGroundskeeper Willie
Chill-Back_off.jpgChill kittenBack off fuckeranimal, kitten
Chill-BackOff_2.jpgChill Iraq Afghanistan push shoveBack off, bitchsolider, arabW3bbo
Chill-Hobbes.gifChill calvin and hobbes palmraisedCalm down you're scaring the childrenHobbes
Chill-Pill.jpgChill Chill 250,000mg
Cliche-Domokun_Die.jpgCliche Every time you send that fucking picture… God kills a Domo-kun. Please, think of the Domo-Kuns
Cliche-Double_post.jpgCliche Every time you double-post… God kills a kitten. Please think of the kittens
Cliche-Kill_Kitten.jpgCliche Every time you masturbate…God kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens
Cliche-Kitten_(Double_post).jpgCliche Every time you double-post… God kills a kitten. Please think of the kittens
Cliche-Kitten_Die.jpgCliche Every time you masturbate…God kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens
Cookie-Insight.jpgCookie sesame streetYou get a cookie for your great insight.Cookie Monster
Cookie-Loads.jpgCookie Cookies?
Cookie-Thats_great.jpgCookie sarcasm sesame streetThat's great…want a cookie?Elmo Cookie Monster
Cookie-You_want.jpgCookie protestor demonstration police riot controlYou want a cookie?soldier
Dell-Gateway.jpgDell drugs gateway dell dude you're getting a dellDell? Everyone knows marijuana is a Gateway drug! GatewayBenjamin Curtis
Dell-Hell.jpgDell dude you're getting a dell ownedDude, you're going to hell!Benjamin Curtis
Dell-Hell-02.jpgDell dude you're getting a dellDude, you're going to HELL!Benjamin Curtis
Dell-Homo.jpgDell gay dude you're getting a dellHell! Dude, you're a homo! Easy at hell!Benjamin Curtis
Die-50_Caliber_Asprin.jpgDie gun pistol stfu Sounds like you need some 50 caliber aspirin
Die-Chimpanzee.jpgDie chimpanzee pistolDieanimal
Die-Do_it_(shotgun).gifDie shotgun blow headDo It.
Die-Duck_Duck_Goose.jpgDie hostage situation gamesLook, fucker, I said no more duck-duck goose!soldier
Die-ElmoSuicide.jpgDie sesame street suicide hanging nike chairJust Do ItElmoW3bbo
Die-Go_try_this.jpgDie electrical socket outlet plug knife stupidGo Try This.
Die-HTML.jpgDie gravestone tombstone headstone</Life>
Die-Instructions.jpgDie Instructions 1. Find loaded revolver 2. Place pistol barrel in mouth 3. Pull trigger
Die-Kill_yourself.jpgDie statistics17 kids are killed every day. Do us a favor start today's count with you. To Learn More Click Here. National campaign for you killing yourself
Die-Kitten.jpgDie kitten pistol fluffyDieanimal
Die-Nailgun.jpgDie American Psycho headshotPlease dieChristian Bale
Die-Plane_crash.jpgDieDie asshole!
Die-Razor_(Maddox).gifDie animatedGif slit wrists jugularNo across the street, not down the highway, across the jugularMaddox
Die-Razor_(Method).jpgDie slit wristsRemember, kids it's "down the road" not "across the street" Make it count!
Die-Snake.gifDie simpsonsYou are soooo dead!Snake
Die-Strangle.gifDie strangle self to deathHang in there you pussy!Maddox
Die-Tupac.jpgDie rap hiphopTupac is dead please join himTupac
Drama-Captain_McAllister.jpgDrama simpsons sailorYarrrr…Darma's a-brewin'!Captain McAllister
Drama-Days_of_our_Lives.jpgDrama identDays of our Lives
Flame-Bring_it_(Darth_Vader).jpgFlame lightsabre lightsaber bring it on star warsBring It.Darth Vader
Flame-Bring_it_(Western).jpgFlame wesern revolverBring the noiseClint Eastwood
Flame-Bring_it_on_(Darth_Vader).jpgFlame lightsabre lightsaber star warsBring it on!Darth VaderW3bbo
Flame-Burn.jpgFlame candleBurn!
Flame-Burned.jpgFlame gayYou just got burned, bitch
Flame-Burned_(Starship_troopers).jpgFlame starship troopers acidBurned
Flame-Burninated.jpgFlame firebreather Burninated
Flame-Flame_on.jpgFlame flame-proof suitFlame on!
Flame-I_have_connections.jpgFlame mafiaDon't fuck with me I have connections
Flame-Now_thats_what_I_call_flaming.jpgFlame napalmNow that's what I call flaming
Flame-Sign.gifFlame You were asking for a flame
Flame-Stalemate.jpgFlame pistolsStale mate stalemate
Flame-Too_easy.jpgFlame comicAhhh, too easy!
Flame-You-Lose_Turtle.jpgFlame cup stuck screwed hahaWow, You Loseanimal
Flame-You-Lose-Chess.jpgFlame chess shock horrorYou lose.
Flame-You-Lose-I_win.jpgFlame pistol sidewalk deadSorry, I win.
Flame-You-Lose-Roadwarrior.jpgFlame mad maxYou Lose.
Forumspile-Arson.jpgForumspile To Do 1. Fix Gas Leak 2. Go to forumspile
Forumspile-ROLF.jpgForumspile ROLF! You should have gone to
Forumspile-You_should_have_(1).jpgForumspile Should've gone to forumspile, bitch
Forumspile-You_should_have_(2).jpgForumspile Damnit should've gone to forumspile
Forumspile-You_should_have_(3).jpgForumspile ouch you should've gone to forumspile
Funnay_Off_to_the_left.jpgFunnay road signsYou Funny
Funnay-5_Seconds.jpgFunnay hand palm fingersfive seconds until this thread is no longer funny
Funnay-Arnold.jpgFunnay seriousNot funnyArnold Schwarzenegger
Funnay-Certificate.jpgFunnay This thread has been certified: The Funnay. This certifies that this thread has satisfactorily met the Requirements to be declared the funnaySteppo
Funnay-Clippy.jpgFunnay You look like you're trying to be funny. What would you like to do? Get help with writing the post Just type the post without help cancelClippy
Funnay-IE_Error.jpgFunnay internet explorer error pageThe funny cannot be displayed. The funny you are looking for is currently unavailable. The thread might be experiencing funny difficulties, or you may need to adjust your funny settings.
Funnay-Jim_Carrey.jpgFunnay me myself and irenethis guy needs a sense of humourJim Carey
Funnay-Kids_TV.jpgFunnay Haha…not funney!!
Funnay-Morpheus.jpgFunnay matrix fingerYou think that's FUNNY you're posting?Laurence Fishburne
Funnay-Not_Found.jpgFunnay inernet explorer error pageHTTP 404 Funnay Not Found. The funnay cannot be found
Funnay-Operating_table.jpgFunnay medical operating theatreSadly, the funnay died on the operating tabledoctor
Funnay-Out_of_reach.jpgFunnay kid boxesThis is funny this is you just out of reach…
Funnay-People_Think.jpgFunnay emptyThis room is full of people that think you are funny
Funnay-Viking.jpgFunnay Not teh Funnay!!!11!!
Funnay-Youre_Not.jpgFunnay clown arrestYou not funny comedy policepolice clown
Gay-According_To_This.jpgGay tickertapeWow! According to this thing you're fucking gay!
Gay-Alarm.jpgGay embarrasmentOopsy! You've set off the GAY ALARM!Richard Simmons
Gay-And_Communist.jpgGay trials communismYou're a homo and a communistJoseph McCarthy
Gay-Antonio.jpgGay finger pointingNo, you're the homo!Antonio Banderas
Gay-Cockrider.jpgGay bannanaboatdon't be a cockrider
Gay-Coleman.jpgGay Sorry… you're a homo!Gary Coleman
Gay-Country.jpgGay Looks like we've entered gay country!
Gay-Dont_Tell_Anyone.jpgGay sarcasmDon't worry, I won't tell anyone that you like men
Gay-Elton.jpgGay shock surprise effeminateWarning: This thread is gayElton John
Gay-Fag_Hat.jpgGay hats jester tophat bowlerYou got it faghat
Gay-Fagotville.gifGay Welcome to fagotville population: you yu0
Gay-GayDar.jpgGay military radargayday has detected gayness in your post
Gay-Gaystation2.jpgGay playstationEA Sports It's in the gay GAYSTATION2 gs2
Gay-GetOut.jpgGay You are GAY! Get the fuck out!Richard Simmons
Gay-ItsOkay.jpgGay dog 1970sIT's OK…To be Gay!animal
Gay-Nature-Cactus.jpgGay cactus aroused erectionGhey!
Gay-Nature-Carrot.jpgGay carrotGhey!
Gay-Nature-Rock.jpgGay rock formationGhey!
Gay-Nature-Tree.jpgGay tree willyGhey!
Gay-Nightrider.jpgGay KnightriderYou're still a homoDavid Hasselhoff
Gay-PieGraph.jpgGay graph excel pie chartyu0 fag0t
Gay-PinkGuy.jpgGay pink bouncy bowlcutThis thread is gay!Randy Constan
Gay-Richard_Simmons.jpgGay outstretched arm handThis thread is gayRichard Simmons
Gay-Sailors.gifGay It's not gay if you're the one receiving
Gay-Sumo_Ballerina.jpgGay baletSooooooooo ghey
Gay-Thats_Mister.gifGay The highly anticipated sequel to the best selling gay title Alec Baldwin doesn't love Me That's Mr. Faggot to you Further trials from my queer life michael thomas fordMichael Thomas Ford
Gay-The_Court.jpgGay court judgeThe court finds you gay
Gay-Video_Store_(Scream).jpgGay Scream video rental storeDude! You're fuckin ghey
Gay-Yay.jpgGay sign jumpGay!
Gay-YMCA.jpgGay sign notice cautionCaution YMCA ahead. Please adorn flame suits and slowly walk backwards, away from the scene
Gay-You_still_are.jpgGay 1970sYou're still a homopolice
Gay-YouAre-01.jpgGay finger point 1970sYou're a homopolice
Gay-YouAre-02.jpgGay finger point afro 1970sYou're a fag
Gay-YoureBoth.jpgGay blackboard finger pointingYou're both homos
Gay-YoureBoth-Lucas.jpgGay finger pointing both handsYou're both homos!George Lucas
Goatse-Cookies.jpgGoatse cookies jam
Goatse-God.jpgGoatse God
Goatse-TubGirl.jpgGoatse tubgirl
Go-Away-Baseball.jpgGo GTFO coach intimidatingGet the fuck out
Go-Away-Basketball.jpgGo ouchGo away
Go-Away-Dont_go_mad.jpgGo pistol dirty harryDon't go away mad… just go awayClint Eastwood
Go-Away-Fuck_you_(grannies).jpgGo the fingerFuck you!!!
Go-Away-Get_out_of_my_forums_(Tron).jpgGo TronOUT! Get out of my forums!Steppo
Go-Away-Heres_an_idea.jpgGo 1930s clipart GTFOHere's an idea…. FUCK OFF
Go-Away-New_friend.gifGo paintmashHere..I drew you a cool new friend to talk to NOW GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE!
Go-Away-Nuclear_finger.jpgGo nuclear nuke flip the bird middle finger gtfo
Go-Away-Pig.jpgGo Fuck Off!animal
Go-Away-Thread.jpgGo Get Out of this thread
Go-Away-Toilet_flush.jpgGo How many times do I have to flush before you go away?!!?
Goggles-Doggles.jpgGoggle doggles dogthe doggles: They do nothing!!!animal
Goggles-Lab_Guys.jpgGoggles AMG! My eyezeS!!11 The Googles do NOTHING!!!1!W3bbo
Goggles-Static_Hair.jpgGoggles afro hairThe Goggles! They do NOTHING!!!
Hijack-AirForce1.jpgHijack Thread hijack!Harrison Ford Gary Oldman
Hijack-Car.jpgHijack This is a hijack! Give me your thread, bitch!
Hijack-DeNiro.jpgHijack this is a hijack, everyone raise your hands and drop the topic
Hijack-Duke_Nukem_Mission.gifHijack Bad Dudes NotActuallyDukeNukemThis thread has been hijacked by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the thread?
Hijack-Gunner.jpgHijack Hijack!!!solider
Hijack-In_progress.jpgHijack CNNLive Breaking News Thread Hijack in progress
Hijack-No.gifHijack road signNo thread hi-jacking Back to Topic
Hijack-OMFG.jpgHijack pistolOMFG! Hijack!!11
Hijack-Oval_office.jpgHijack Sir, it's been hijacked!George BushW3bbo
Hijack-Punk.jpgHijack pimpin'I'm hijacking your thread, punk
Hit-It_Pickard.jpgHit star trek jean-luc pickardI'd hit it!Patrick Stewart
Hit-It-BushSaddamBunker.jpgHit thumbs up carrier crewI'd hit it like Saddam's bunkerGeorge Bush
Hit-It-Clinton.jpgHit I'd hit itBill Clinton
Hit-It-DeclareWar.jpgHit Would you hit it? I'd declare war on those who wouldn't hit itGeorge Bush
Hit-It-DomoFap.gifHit *fap* *fap*Domo-Kun
Hit-It-Fonzie.jpgHit Happy Days aaaayI'd hit it!Arthur "Fonzie" Herbert Fonzarelli
Hit-It-Miss_it_(Bush).jpgHit tennis raquet racket ball forestI'd miss it!George Bush
Hit-It-Phasers.jpgHit star strekSet phasers to Hit It!William Shatner Leonard Nimoy
Hit-It-Squirrel.jpgHit Oh my God! And then there was this girl and she goes "Hey, wanna hit it?" And I go "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
IBTL-Crocodile.jpgIBTL door floridaMust get IBTLanimal
IBTL-Dog.jpgIBTL door window stuckHAH! IBTL!animal
IBTL-Door.jpgIBTL smashed broken doorIBTL
IBTL-Motivational_poster.jpgIBTL rustyIBTL We don't know what the hell you're on but you're not going to be on it for long
IBTL-Trinity.jpgIBTL MatrixIn before the lockCarrie-Anne Moss
Idiot-Bush.jpgIdiot Bush thinks…that you're a fucking idiotGeorge Bush
IMG-Caution.gifIMG redexCauation Gratuitous Red-X Zone! Posters should use better web hosts or learn how to use [IMG] tags properly
IMG-Clippy.JPGIMG It looks like you're having problems posting pics. Are you a n00b? Yes NoClippy
IMG-For_Dummies.jpgIMG Posting teh pictures for Dummies
IMG-Geocities.gifIMG Geocities stupid! Copy and Paste
IMG-Get_your_own.jpgIMG footballGet your own pics n00b!!!
IMG-Get_your_own_2.jpgIMG footballBack off my pics, asshat
IMG-Sexy_RedX.jpgIMG redexSexy Red X
IMG-Thats_Mine.jpgIMG That's my picture, bitch!animal
IMG-Worthless_without.gifIMG animatedThis thread is worthless without pics!
Impress-Kirk.jpgImpress Your desperate attempt to impress the ladies has failedWilliam Shatner
Impress-School.jpgImpress Your desperate attempt to impress the ladies has failed
Internet-Don't_worry_sir.jpgInternet forest army fatDon't worry Sir, I'm from the Internetsolider
Internet-Don't_worry_Tron.jpgInternet Tron costume cosplay nerdDon't Worry Ma'am! I'm From The Internet
LOL-AlbinoGorrilla.jpgLOL lol.animal
LOL-Alf.jpgLOL HA!Alf
LOL-Bee.jpgLOL ROFLMAOanimal
LOL-Calvin_and_Hobbes.jpgLOL ROFLROFL!Calvin and Hobbes
LOL-Doggie.jpgLOL LOLanimal
LOL-Doggy.jpgLOL Bwhahahahahahah!animal
LOL-Golfclap.jpgLOL bunny sarcastic rabbitGold Clapanimal
LOL-Hitler_is_amused.jpgLOL Hitler amusingHitler Is AmusedAdolf Hitler
LOL-Husky.jpgLOL dog husky yay goodOMG I'm So Happyanimal
LOL-lolz.jpgLOL lolz!!!!
LOL-Medeval_Soldiers.jpgLOL Holy GrailFunney!Monty Python
LOL-Missing_Teeth.jpgLOL far-eastROFLMAO
LOL-Monty_Python_Applause.gifLOL Monty Python
LOL-Owl.jpgLOL ORLYI LOL'danimal
LOL-Politicians.jpgLOL LMAO!
LOL-Raver.jpgLOL LOL!
LOL-ROFL_Mao.gifLOL ROFL MAOChairman Mao
LOL-Waffle.gifLOL ROFL
Loves-JesusDoes.jpgLoves Dogma View AskewniverseJesus loves you! But I think you're a cuntJesus Christ Buddy Christ
Loves-NotJesus.jpgLoves Nobody Loves You, Not Even JesusJesus Christ
Love-This_much.jpgLove kitschI love you this muchangel
Misc-6thSense.jpgMisc Cole SearI see dumb people…they're everywhere…they wal around like everyone else…they don't even know they're dumb…and…some of them… …they post hereHaley Joel Osment
Misc-AgainstRules.jpgMisc 2002 FIFA World Cuptssk… tssk… THAT was aganst the rules!Pierluigi Collina
Misc-Amazing.jpgMisc dildo wowAmazing!
Misc-AOL-Luv.jpgMisc softerThanSoftCoreI LIV AOL!!11
Misc-Applause.gifMisc Monty Python animated
Misc-Argue-Surreal_Life.jpgMisc Arguging on the Internet is like being on The Surreal Life. Even if you win nobody will remember you tomorrow
Misc-Beware_of_children.gifMisc signBeware of children
Misc-Buckle_up.gifMisc car seat belt buckleBuckle up folks. This thread is going to get ugly
Misc-Burn_him.jpgMisc flameBurn Him!
Misc-Caps.gifMisc keyboardCaps Lock
Misc-ChangingSubject.jpgMisc Stop Changing the Fucking Subject!
Misc-Cheesebuger.jpgMisc happycat lolcatsI Can Has Cheezburgeranimal
Misc-Cluepon.jpgMisc Cluepon. This valuable Cluepon may be used to redeem yourself in the eyes of the presenter.
Misc-Cunning_Plan_(Mario).jpgMisc super mario bros 3 trappedSomehow, I don't think you thought your cunning plan all the way throughSuper Mario
Misc-CunningPlan.jpgMisc knife electrical outlet socket plug shockingExperienceSomehow, I don't think you thought your cunning plan all the way through
Misc-Damn.jpgMisc fatDAMN
Misc-Do_not_feed_the_trolls.jpgMisc sign zoo trolls dnfttPlease Do Not Feed The TrollsW3bbo
Misc-Do_not_feed_the_trolls_(2).jpgMisc trollDon't Feed The Troll
Misc-DoubleDare.jpgMisc star wars Mace WinduI double dare you motherfuckerSamuel L. Jackson
Misc-Dumb_(Bunny).jpgMisc thatBunnyit worries me how dumb you are
Misc-Fail.jpgMisc fail baby carriage buggyFAIL
Misc-Failed_me.jpgMisc cat spookyYou have failed me for the last timeanimal
Misc-Failure.jpgMisc crash die snow bird brrrrrFailureanimal
Misc-FFS.jpgMisc facepalmFor Fuck Sake
Misc-FFS-Worf.gifFFS Stress facepalm Worf Star TrekMichael Dorn
Misc-Fuck_You.jpgMisc fingerFuck You!
Misc-GetALife.gifMisc This coupon may be redeemed for one (1) life. Brought to you by the Get A Life foundation
Misc-Go_you.gifMisc Go You!Daler Mehndi
Misc-Got_Emo.jpgemo white eyeshadowgot emo?
Misc-Grr_(Sheep).jpgMisc sheep Grranimal
Misc-Guess_where_pitchfork_goes_next.jpgMisc devil scary goatee Guess where this pitchfork is going next?
Misc-GWTP.jpgMisc sheep ewe herdBetter get with the programanimal
Misc-HaHa.gifMisc simpsons finger-pointingHA! HA!Nelson Muntz
Misc-Hug.jpgMisc aww calvin and hobbesCalvin Hobbes
Misc-Hug_a_Tiger.jpgMisc aww siberian tiger snowanimal
Misc-I_have_the_dumb.jpgMisc I can't brain today… …I have the dumb
Misc-I_see_what_you_did_there.jpgfry futuramaOh! I see what you did there.
Misc-Im_So_Goth_I_shit_bats.jpgMisc I'm so goth I shit bats.
Misc-Im_using_the_internet.jpgMisc memeHA! HA! I'm using THE INTERNET!!!1Something Awful
Misc-Internet.jpgMisc internetsInternet. Serious Business.
Misc-Internet_(Ronald).gifMisc lol, InternetRonald McDonald
Misc-Internet_Serious_Business.jpgMisc internetsInternet. Serious Business
Misc-InvisibleBike.jpgcat mirror bike startledINVISIBLE BIKEanimal
Misc-JesusThanks.jpgMisc TMIThanks for the info!Jesus Christ
Misc-Leave.jpgMisc road signLEAVE
Misc-LiveJournal.gifMisc attention whoreLook at me look at me look at me hooray livejournal
Misc-Lock.gifMisc dancing lock thread
Misc-Mad_Props.jpgMisc Mad Props!!!1
Misc-Missed_it.jpgMisc baseballYou really missed it that time, slugger!
Misc-Mystery.gifMisc ghostIt is a mysterySomething Awful
Misc-Mystery_Solved.gifMisc ghostMystery solvedSomething Awful
Misc-OhSnap.jpgMisc ouch runner broken legOh Snap!
Misc-OhSnap_Bear.jpgbear electrocution fall electrocuteOH SNAP
Misc-PissingMeOff.jpgMisc tank IDFYou are really pissing me off!
Misc-PollBorked.jpgMisc poll vote brokenSi Poll Es Borked! B0rked!Fidel Castro
Misc-Porn.jpgMisc yayPORN!
Misc-PretentiousPanda.jpgMisc panda monocleI say, they seem to be letting all kinds of riff-raff onto the Internet these daysanimal
Misc-Quack.gifMisc duck goose geeseQuackanimal
Misc-Remove_your_penis.jpgMisc star-wars lightsaber lightsabreI will safely and effectivly remove your penis
Misc-Retard.jpgMisc 1950s discombobulator spacemanRetard
Misc-Riiiiight_(Tron).jpgMisc TronRiiiiiiight…Steppo
Misc-Rolleyes.jpgMisc emoticons:rollseyes:Adolph Hitler Adolf Hitler
Misc-RTFM.gifMisc dialog box questionAttention: Read the fucking manual! OKW3bbo
Misc-RTFM.jpgMisc manualRTFM
Misc-Science_Serious_Business.jpgscience buckball chemistScience. Serious Business.
Misc-Sherlock.jpgMisc Look Watson… A Bird No Shit, SherlockSherlock Holmes
Misc-SpiderSense.jpgMisc cosplayMy spider senses are tingling!Spiderman
Misc-Spoiler.jpgSpoiler Harry Potter Matrix Citizen Kane whackSpoiler Alert! Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud!XKCD
Misc-Sup.jpgMisc cat bar chat-upsupaninal
Misc-Think.jpgMisc blondeThink
Misc-This_may_get_Political.jpgMisc This may get political
Misc-TLDR.jpgtoo long, didn't read book Lord of the Rings Gandalftl;drIan McKellen
Misc-Toke_Forget_Post.jpgMisc weed toke cannabis huge
Misc-Trolls.jpgTrolls comic book space moderatorCrusing through cyberspace, trying to engage in some good conversation for once... and there they ar... waiting to pounce...Jesus Christ... TROLLS!...ugh. God I can feel them tearing apart all my valid points... This one won't stop. Licking Me! I just wanted some rational discourse...everyone agreed with me until... THEY showed up, with their different opinions and flippant comments... OH GOD! My thread has been derailed! I'll have to whine for the moderator! He'll lock it down if I cry loud enough! Ungh... Is that a troll up MY ASS?
Misc-What_Im_talking_about.gifMisc animatedThat's what I'm talkin' 'boutGary Coleman
Misc-Winner.jpgMisc partyWinner.
Misc-Word.jpgMisc boxartMicrosoft Word. Write letterz n shit, yo. Version 2002
Misc-World_is_flat.jpgMiscThe world is flat
Misc-Yes_No_(Monty_Python).gifMisc Monty PythonYes It Is! Not it isn't!John Cleese
Misc-YouSuck.jpgMisc porn blowjob pixellatedOMG!!! Yu0 Suck!!! YOUW3bbo
Misc-ZergRush.jpgMisc starcraftZerg Rush kekekeke ^_^
Needs-More-(Less)_Moore.jpgNeeds rifle cameraNeeds Less MooreMichael Moore
Needs-More.jpgNeeds Needs More.
Needs-More-Aliens.jpgNeeds Needs more Aliens!
Needs-More-Amphicar.jpgNeeds Needs more amphicar
Needs-More-Burgular.JPGNeeds Needs more cat burglar
Needs-More-Cliches.jpgNeeds Needs more cliches
Needs-More-CounterStrike.gifNeeds more counterstrike pistol kiddieNeds More.. CounterStrike
NeedsMore-CounterStrike.gifNeedsMore Needs more CounterStrike
Needs-More-Cowbell.jpgNeeds Famed record producer Bruce Dickenson says: What this thread needs is more cowbell!!!!
Needs-More-Crabs.jpgNeeds Needs more delicious crabs
Needs-More-Death_children.jpgNeeds Needs more death children
Needs-More-Dough.jpgNeeds Kneads more dough
Needs-More-Evil_vikings.jpgNeeds Needs more vikings with accordians
Needs-More-Ferrets.jpgNeeds Needs more ferrets drinking coke
Needs-More-Fried_sandwich.jpgNeeds Needs more fried sandwich, yo
Needs-More-Giant_robots.jpgNeeds Needs more giant robots
Needs-More-Gimmick.jpgNeeds Needs more gimmick
Needs-More-Ginger_snaps.jpgNeeds Needs more ginger snaps
Needs-More-Hundred_Dollar_Bills.jpgWad of cashNeeds more... Hundred Dollar Bills!Benjamin Franklin
NeedsMore-Hundred_Dollar_Bills.jpgNeedsMore Needs more… Hundred Dollar Bills!
Needs-More-I_need_more.jpgNeeds It's not enough I NEED MORE
Needs-More-Love.jpgNeeds This post needs more love
Needs-More-Moore.jpgNeeds Needs Moore
Needs-More-Photoshop.gifNeeds Needs more photoshop =(
Needs-More-Photoshop_2.jpgNeeds NEEDS MORE PHOTOSHOP
Needs-More-Pixel_Stroke.jpgNeeds Needs less visible source image and 15-pixel strike
Needs-More-Posts.jpgNeeds Needs More Posts
Needs-More-Pussy_less_sausage.jpgNeeds This thread needs less sausage more pussy
Needs-More-Seizures.gifNeeds Needs more seizures
Needs-More-Shatner.jpgNeeds Needs more Shatner
Needs-More-Shit_posts.jpgNeeds Needs more shit posts S.H.I.T.
Needs-More-Shriners.jpgNeeds Needs more shriners driving really tiny cars
Needs-More-Smore.jpgNeeds Need Smore
Needs-More-Star_wars.jpgNeeds Needs more Star Wars geeks dueling with foam-bladed lightsabers
Needs-More-Tigerbike.jpgNeeds Needs more Tigerbike
Needs-More-Triangles_(Carmack).jpgNeeds Needs more Triangles!John Carmack
Needs-More-Wookie.jpgNeeds This thread needs more wookiee!
Needs-More-WTF.jpgNeeds Needs More…whatever the hell this is..
Newbie-1950sSchoolKids.jpgNewbie 1950s finger pointingNewbies
Newbie-Bad.jpgNewbie 1950s babyBad newbie bad!
Newbie-Bomb.jpgNewbie bomb canadian air-forceAs useful as newbies can get
Newbie-Bush.jpgNewbie finger pointingLook… it's a newbie!George Bush
Newbie-Down_with.jpgNewbie sign sporting eventDown with newbs!
Newbie-GetHim.jpgNewbie desert runGet the newbie!!!
Newbie-KeepTalking.jpgNewbie krusty clownKeep talkin newbie, keep talkinHerschel Shmoikel Pinkus Yerucham Krustofski
Newbie-Mmm.jpgNewbie cat lip lickMmm, noobsaninal
Newbie-Not_another.jpgNewbie pistol suicideNo not another newbie!
Newbie-Pope.jpgNewbie dismissivego away n00b!Pope John Paul II
Newbie-PostTwice.jpgNewbie It's cool to post twice!
Newbie-Sherlock.jpgNewbie Oh, I say! A newbie! Ya…No shit, Sherlock!Sherlock Holmes
Newbie-Suspenders.jpgNewbie glasses suspenders yellow Steve Urkel Family MattersNewbie!!Jaleel White
NM-Jiggawatts1.jpgNM BTTFNeeds Moar Jiggawatts!!Michael J. Fox Christopher Lloyd
NM-Jiggawatts2.jpgNM BTTFNeeds More JiggawattsChristopher Lloyd
No-Answer.jpgNo chefThe Answer is No!?
No-Bummer.jpgNo hippiesBummer, Man
No-Darth_Vader.jpgNo star wars episode 3NoooooooooooooooooooooooDarth Vader
No-Noes.jpgNo noseNoes!11
No-Puppy.jpgNo Noanimal
O_RLY-EmoRLY.jpgO_RLY owlEm0 Rly Linkin Park Reanimationanimal
O_RLY-Matrix.jpgO_RLY WHOA, RLY?Keanu Reeves
O_RLY-Original.jpgO_RLY Snowy OwlO RLY?ORLY Owl animal4chan John White
O_RLY-Quite.jpgO_RLY monocleQUITE RLYORLY Owl animal
O_RLY-Ya-Rly.jpgO_RLY ORLY owlYA RLYaninal
Obvious-CaptainObvious.gifObvious comicCaptain Obvious To the rescue!Captain America
Obvious-Master.jpgObvious fantasyMASTER of the obvious
Obvious-Sherlock.jpgObvious Look watson, a bird! No shit, Sherlock?Sherlock Holmes
Offtopic-Bullhorn.jpgOfftopic bullhornOff topic!Pee Wee Herman?
Offtopic-On_topic_please.jpgOfftopic toilet bathroom courtesy signOn topic please
Old-1950sHeadache.jpgOld 1950sAw Jeez, not this shit again!
Old-Amazing.jpgOld Pioneer plasma displaysAmazing! I swear I've seen this thread before…
Old-BTF.jpgOld BTTFWelcome to the past!Michael J. Fox Christopher Lloyd
Old-LastYearAirlines.jpgOld TWA air hostess boardingWelcome to last year airlines. Enjoy your non-stop flight to this year.
Old-MummyHead.jpgOld mummyWow… Where did you dig up this thread?
Old-Newspaper.jpgOld Old Fucking News
Old-NewsRocks.jpgOld partyOld News Rocks!
Old-RaiseThem.jpgOld mummy :vWhy must you raise the dead?
Old-Seaman.jpgOld pipeI don't care if it's old--I mo' post it anyway, bitch!sailor
Old-Sign.jpgOld road signCaution! Old tipic
Old-WorldsOldestMan.jpgOld Fucking old?
OMF-Fish.jpgOMFG fish eyes shockedOh Noes!!!animal
OMFG-ArgEveryone.gifOMFG animation oh noes
OMFG-Argh.jpgOMFG knife OMFG!? (some movie)
OMFG-Boobies.jpgOMFG OMG A Boobies Link!!11!!
OMFG-Boobies_(2).jpgOMFG Boobies!!
OMFG-Bunny.jpgOMFG bunny rabbit mouth-openOMFG!animal
OMFG-Cat.jpgOMFG OMGanimal
OMFG-Cat_laptop.jpgOMFG cat laptopOMFG!animal
OMFG-Drama.jpgOMFG 1950sOh the DRAMA!
OMFG-Furry.jpgOMFG Donnie Darkoomg ur a furryJake Gyllenhaa Jena Malone James DuvalSomething Awful
OMFG-Huge_Mantee.jpgOMFG Hindenburgoh, the huge manatee!animal
OMFG-Humanity.jpgOMFG HindenburgOh the humanity!
OMFG-Kitten.jpgOMFG clipped earOMFG!!!1animal
OMFG-Lag.jpgOMFG matrix neo bullet-time helicopterOMG LAG!!Keanu ReevesSomething Awful
OMFG-Megahurtz.jpgOMFG h4x0r5 0n teh yu0r pC? OH NOES!!! MY MEGAHURTZ HAEV BEEN STOELED!!!!!111 safely check your megahurtz free!
OMFG-OMGWTFBBQ.gifOMFG adam finger BBQoh my god what the fuck barbequeGod
OMFG-ONOZ.gifOMFG omg onoz
OMFG-Retard.jpgOMFG Are you retarded? It's more likely than you think safely check free!
OMFG-RTFM-Hamster.jpgOMFG manualRTFM!!11 OMG! WTF? LOL!!! Hacking Windows 2000 Exposedanimal
OMFG-Subtle.gifOMFG sarcasm animatedSUBLTE
OMFG-Wallhack.jpgOMFG Jack Torrance Here's JohnnyOMG!! WALLHACK!!1!Jack NicholsonSomething Awful
ORLY-Buttsecks.jpgORLY owlButtsecks?animal
Penis-Cat.jpgPenis outstretchedMy internet penis is THIS BIG!animal
Penis-Download.jpgPenis Don't forget, kids… the faster you download, the bigger your penis is.
Penis-Judge.jpgPenis This is the biggest intarweb penos I've ever laid eyes on!!! Case Dismissed
Post-Bad.jpgPost french moustache moustachéThis Is A Bad Post
Post-Can_beat_up_yours.gifPost epenisMy post can beat up your post
Post-Crap-Clam.jpgPost Your post made my clam go limp…animal
Post-Crap-Dog_Suicide.jpgPost toilet suicide drownYour post made my dog commit suicideanimal
Post-Crap-Family_cry.jpgPost Your post made this family cry
Post-Crap-Going_nowhere.jpgPost empty roadThis post is going nowhere
Post-Crap-Killed_superman.jpgPost superman deadYour post killed Superman!!! You shithead!
Post-Crap-Only_you.jpgPost Smokey the bear sez only you can prevent stupid postsSmokey Bear
Post-First.gifPost First Post! All the other guys are LOSERS!
Post-Great-Burns.jpgPost simpsonsBest Post Ever!Charles C. Montgomery Burns
Post-Pilliaged_by_vikings.gifPost vikingsConsider this post pillaged!
Post-Stupid-Dont_listen.gifPost Don't listen to stupid
Rape-Bush.jpgRape finger pointingYou gonna get raped!George Bush Dick Cheney
Rape-Clown_penis.jpgRape I'll touch your penis!Pennywise
Rape-Cookie.jpgRape fortune cookie Surprise sex is heading your way in the futureYou Gonna Get Raped Guy
Rape-Poster.jpgRape poster telephone poleYou gonna get rapedYou Gonna Get Raped Guy
Rape-Rumsfeld.jpgRape finger-pointingI will rape you!Donald Rumsfeld
Rape-ScaryBlackDude.jpgRape You gonna get rapedYou Gonna Get Raped Guy
Rape-Sheep.jpgRape sheep herdEwe gonna get raped
Retard-1950s.jpgRetard Retard
Retard-Arguing.jpgRetard Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you're still retarded. A very special message from JRR's Shut the Fuck Up Foundation
Retard-Stage.jpgRetard Get off the stage RETARD
Search-Jules.jpgSearch Jules Winnfield Pulp Fuction pistolNext time search muthafuckaSamuel L. Jackson
Search-Jules_(2).jpgSearch Jules Winnfield Pulp FuctionGoogle, motherfucker! Can you use it!?Samuel L. Jackson
Shit-Bullshit_bag.jpgShit Disposable bullshit bag. Seals BS in
Shit-Bullshit_on_the_toilet.jpgShit bull toiletBullshit
Shit-Flag.gifShit flag animatedB.S.
Shit-FoundNone.jpgShit Spaceballs comb the desertWe ain't found shitMichael Winslow
Shit-Meter.gifShit B.S. Meter Put on boots Put on lifevest Man the lifeboat
Shit-SmellsLike.jpgShit 1950sSmells like bullshit
Signature-Porn.jpgSignature 1950sPORN! It's cheaper than dating!
Spam-Can.gifSpam Spam
Spam-CanMan.jpgSpam Spam
Spam-I_am.gifSpam arm-flappingI'm spamming!
Spam-Protection.jpgSpam condom RJ-11I'd better enable spam protection
Spam-Sign.jpgSpam signCaution SP@M +1
Spam-With_cheese.jpgSpam Spam with cheese
Spelling-Blackboard.jpgSpelling Your: of or relating to one or oneself You're you are (contraction) You are a goddamn illiterate
Spelling-Dictionary.gifSpelling Merriam Webster's dictionary of basic english
Spelling-DictionaryNazi.gifSpelling You better check your spelling because The Spelling Nazis are watching
Spelling-English.jpgSpelling taprootEnglish!
Spelling-English-Jules.gifSpelling English motherfucker do you speak it?!
Spelling-Grammar_Time.gifSpelling dance paracute-pantsSTOP. Grammar Time! MC Hammer
Spelling-Grammar_time.jpgSpelling parachute pantsSTOP! Grammar time!MC Hammer
Spelling-GrammarNazi.jpgSpelling blackboard chalkboardFucking grammar naziAdolph Hitler Adolf Hitler
STFU-Arnold_Schwarzenegger.jpgSTFU finger-pointingShut the fuck upArnold Schwarzenegger
STFU-Arnold_Schwarzenegger_2.jpgSTFU thumbIF you don't shut up…you'll find this up in your assArnold Schwarzenegger
STFU-Baby.jpgSTFU pistol wahS.T.F.U.Naive Amoeba
STFU-Baby_2.jpgSTFU STFU!!!!
STFU-BigGlass.jpgSTFU Have a big glass of STFU
STFU-Bitch.jpgSTFU rolling pinThat's enough out of you…BITCH!
STFU-Bitch_do_you.jpgSTFU This bitch didn't know when to shut up. Do You?
STFU-Bite_your_bladder.jpgSTFU STFU! Or I'll bite out your bladder
STFU-Bleech.jpgSTFU Shut up and drink your juice! Bleach Juice
STFU-Bruce_Lee.jpgSTFU face punchShudup Cunt!!Bruce Lee
STFU-Bucket.jpgSTFU Have a big bucket of SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
STFU-Chill_Bitch.jpgSTFU midol menstuation pain crampChill Bitch
STFU-Clinton.jpgSTFU Just…pls shut upBill Clinton
STFU-Clowns.jpgSTFU street mimes signSTFU!!!
STFU-Communist_Nazi_Jew.gifSTFU Shut Up You Communist Nazi Jew (Go Back to Canda)
STFU-Cunt.jpgSTFU pistolShut The Fuck Up Cunt!
STFU-Darth_Vader.jpgSTFU Darth Vader Princes Leia OrganaShut Up, bitch!Darth Vader Carrie Fisher
STFU-Dog_on_puppy.jpgSTFU puppy startledSTFU NOOB!animal
STFU-Domo.jpgSTFU STFU n00b!Domo-Kun
STFU-Downed_pilot.jpgSTFU STFU b00nsolider
STFU-Fortune_Cookie.jpgSTFU fortune cookie ThatWasn'tChickenSTFU
STFU-Gunpoint.jpgSTFU pistol IraqSTFU!W3bbo
STFU-Hand_Puppet.gifSTFU animated This is what you're doing THIS is what I want you to do
STFU-Human.gifSTFU decepticons transformersSTFU HUMAN!
STFU-Kitten_died.jpgSTFU Another kitten dead by your words. Please stop the violence.animal
STFU-Kitten_gets_flushed.jpgSTFU toiletShut the fuck up! Of the kitten gets the flush.animal
STFU-Kitty_Gets_It.gifSTFU pistol flowersShut the fuck up or the kitty gets it!HowStrange
STFU-License_Plate.jpgSTFU LOL STFU Virginia
STFU-Malcom_X.jpgSTFU finger-pointing radio microphoneYou need to STFUMalcom X
STFU-Moe.gifSTFU simpsonsShut the fuck up!Moe Szyslak
STFU-Mr_T_(Cartoon).jpgSTFU saturday morning cartoonShut the fuck upLaurence Tureaud
STFU-Mr_T_(pity_da_foo).jpgSTFU carI pity da foo' who don't STFU!Laurence Tureaud
STFU-Newbie_(original).jpgSTFU STFU NEWBIE!
STFU-Old_Guy.jpgSTFU Shut the Fuck Up
STFU-Oreo.jpgSTFU Oreo Double STFU
STFU-Pikachu_slap.gifSTFU Pokemon Pokémon PikachuShut up NoobPikachu
STFU-Plunger.jpgSTFU shower haircapSHUT UP
STFU-PRP-With_Us_Or_Terrorists.jpgSTFU YOU! Stop asking Questions! You're either with US or you're with the TERRORISTS! A message from the Ministry of Homeland SecurityPropaganda Remix Project
STFU-R2D2.jpgSTFU Star WarsBLIP BLIP WOP BLIP! (Shut the fuck up!)R2D2
STFU-Reply_with_pic.jpgSTFU Reply with my cool STFU n00by pic pappa
STFU-Sarge.jpgSTFU Full Metal JacketSTFU
STFU-Shut_up.jpgSTFU Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up!
STFU-Sign.jpgSTFU road signSTFU
STFU-Sit_down.jpgSTFU Sit down and STFU
STFU-Soldier.jpgSTFU Fuck the shut up!solider
STFU-Talk_shit_(Mr_T).jpgSTFU Pls.. Don't talk shit :|Laurence Tureaud
STFU-Talk_to_the_hand.jpgSTFU Just talk to the hand…gosh!
STFU-Time.jpgSTFU paintmashSTFU It's time to shut the fuck up
STFU-What_part_of.gifSTFU what part of shut the fuck up don’t you understand?
STFU-Whiteboy.jpgSTFU shut the fuck up whiteboy
STFU-Wolf.gifSTFU Pretty please with sugar ontop STFUanimal
STFU-Wolf_puppy.jpgSTFU Shut the fuck up, bitch!animal
STFU-Wolf-2.jpgSTFU Please do us all a favor and kindly shut the fuck upanimal
STFU-WW2-4Words.jpgSTFU WW2 WWII World War 2 Propaganda PosterFour words for you shut the fuck up take the hint, punk!
STFU-WW2-KThx.jpgSTFU WW2 WWII World War 2 Propaganda Poster tea coffeeHow about a nice cup of shut the fuck up? K Thx
STFU-WW2-Pilot.jpgSTFU WW2 WWII World War 2 Propaganda Poster Pilot Air ForceYOU shut the fuck up! WE'LL protect america! Keep out of our fucking way, Liberal Pussies!
STFU-WW2-WarmCup.jpgSTFU WW2 WWII World War 2 Propaganda PosterHow about a warm cup of shut the fuck up!
STFU-Yoda.jpgSTFU Star WarsUp the shut fuck!Yoda
STFU-Yoda-2.jpgSTFU Star Warsshut up the fuck, you mustYoda
STFU-You_Suck.jpgSTFU rifle gun redneck finger-pointingYou suck at that thar inter-net
Stop-Being_a_dumbass.jpgStop finger-pointingI want you! To stop being a dumbassUncle Sam
Stop-Count.jpgStop Sesame StreetStop being funny or I'll cut off your ballsThe Count
Stop-Dear_God.jpgStop bedside prayerDear God, please make it stop
Stop-FingerPoint.gifStop GTFO get out finger point index
Stop-Government.jpgStop Allright, that does it. Any more of this shit and im turning off the interwebAl Gore
Stop-Invading-PRP.jpgStop Keep it up borther! There's a LOT of countries left to invade! A message from the ministry of homeland securitysoldierPropaganda Remix Project
Stop-KillKid.jpgStop circular saw slice'n'dicePost crap like that again and I'll kill this fuckin kid
Stop-Kitten.jpgStop kitten coweringPlease make it stop… won't someone PLEASE think of the kitties?W3bbo
Stop-Shoot_the_Dog.jpgStop pistol revolverStop the spam or we'll shoot this doganimal
Stop-Using_Japanese_Emoticons.jpgStop Last guy I knew who used manga emoticons…shot by meW3bbo
Stupid-426_people_agree.jpgStupid crowd426 people agree you're an asshat
Stupid-8Ball.jpgStupidEven this thing can't answer your stupid fucking question
Stupid-American_Idiot.jpgStupid American Idiot
Stupid-Broke_Internet.jpgStupid steaming monitorYour stupidity broke the internet
Stupid-Confusing_Internet.jpgStupid cat printerWatch out! The Internet is very confusing! Glad you joined us holmes!animal
Stupid-Dogbert.jpgStupid Patron Saint of TechnologyOut Out!! You demons of stupidity!!Dogbert
Stupid-Internet_Police.jpgStupid traffic cop Broken Lizard Super TroopersSir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the internet. You're just too fucking stupid/Lieutenant Arcot Ramathorn (Jay Chandrasekhar)
Stupid-IQ.jpgStupid graph chart lineI.Q. Chart You Rock Vermin Mike Tyson Avg. Person Genius
Stupid-Short_Bus.jpgStupid retardedYour ride is here. Don't forget to wear your helmet
Stupid-Sit_in_the_corner.jpgStupid dunce cap stool childGo sit in the corner, dumbass.
That-Is-A_conspiracy.jpgThat tinfoil hatIt's a conspiracy!
That-Is-A_fake.jpgThat romulan star-trekIt's a FAAAAAAAKE!
That-Is-A_Trap_(Bush).jpgMission Accomplished aircraft carrierIt's a TRAP!George Bush
That-Is-A_Trap_(Star_Wars).jpgStar Wars Ackbar cliche farkIt's a TRAP
That-Is-BlowMeAway.jpgI'm blown away!
ThatIs-Borked.jpgJim Henson Muppets Chocloate MooseIt's BorkedSwedish ChefSteppo
That-Is-Conspiracy_(Large).jpgtinfoil hat ham radioIt's a conspiracy!
That-Is-Contribution.jpgcar crash pile-up road highwayThank you for your contribution You have done amazing things here
That-Is-Corny.jpgsweetcorn husks chaff maizeCORNY!W3bbo
That-Is-Disgusting-Child.jpgkid monitor That's disgusting!!
That-Is-Disgusting-Radio.jpgafro radioThat is truly disgustin'
That-Is-Disgusting-Sick.JPGregurgitation beer nostrilsThat is fucking sick
ThatIs-Disgusting-ThrowUpInside.jpgHappy Tree Friends Cuddles hey you made me throw up a littleCuddles
That-Is-Excellent-MrBurns.jpgsimpsonsExcellent!Charles C. Montgomery Burns
That-Is-Great_Horray.jpgNewscasters jumpingHORRAY!!!W3bbo
That-Is-Great_Yippie.jpgNewscasters jumpingYIPPIE!W3bbo
That-Is-Great-Chorus.jpgAfrican chorus singing PraiseDaLordHalleighula brother!W3bbo
That-Is-Interesting-Fall_asleep.jpgasleep bored keyboardWow this is an interesting thread!
That-Is-Interesting-Mr_T.jpgbling bling chinstrokeyaeh, raelly interstingLaurence Tureaud
That-Is-Interesting-Really.jpgbooks chinstrokeWow that’s really Intresting
ThatIs-Nice.jphg.jpgnice to know kittenthat's niceanimal
That-Is-Too_small.jpgfingersIt's too small!Condoleezza Rice
Thread-Bad.jpgThread fail snapThis is a bad thread
Thread-Cannot_be_saved_by_kittens.jpgThread kittens sadEven kittens cannot save this thread now.animal
Thread-Cool-Dog_with_afro.jpgThread afroThis thread is cooler than a dog with an afro
Thread-Crap-Batman.jpgThread batman and robinHoly Batdroppings! This thread SUCKS Batman!Adam West
Thread-Crap-Brand.jpgThread stitchingDisappointing Thread Brand
Thread-Crap-CantSeeKittens.jpgThread kittens cityscapeSee any good threads yet? Nope…¬.¬animalW3bbo
Thread-Crap-Comic_book_guy.jpgThread simpsonsWorst topic everComic Book Guy
Thread-Crap-ComicBookGuy.jpgThread laptop simpsonsWorst thread ever!Comic Book Guy
Thread-Crap-Continues_any_longer.jpgThread Total RecallIf this thread continues any longer…I'll shit my pantsArnold Schwarzenegger
Thread-Crap-Die.jpgThread knife stabbingDie thread! Die!
Thread-Crap-Emo.jpgThread band guitar singerOh Boy! Another Emo thread
Thread-Crap-FingerBaby.jpgThread baby theFingerThis thread sucks
Thread-Crap-Forget.jpgThread Men in Black MIB neuralizerYou will forget this thread ever happenedTommy Lee Jones
Thread-Crap-Gay.jpgThread gayWorst thread ever Faggots are fantastic
Thread-Crap-Graph.jpgThread chart graph paintmashHow smart I am today Woke Up Lunch Read this post
Thread-Crap-Graph_(Redeeming_value).jpgThread chart graphRedeeming value of this post Intelligence value Post Life (in minutes)
Thread-Crap-Jesus.gifThread Jack Chick tractThe Lord Jesus Christ said: "This thread sucks!" THOSE are the most important words ever spokenJesus Christ
Thread-Crap-Jesus_Cry.jpgThread This thread makes Baby Jesus Cry
Thread-Crap-Killed_baby_seal.jpgThread sealYour shitty thread killed this poor, innocent baby seal.animal
Thread-Crap-KittenDied.jpgThread kittenThis kitten died because of the stupidity of your post. I hope you're fucking happyanimal
Thread-Crap-Lock.jpgThread threaded screws nuts and bolts WD-40Dunlop Thread Lock
Thread-Crap-Mr.T.jpgThread I pitty this threadLaurence Tureaud
Thread-Crap-MrTCry.jpgThread goldEvery time you post a crappy thread Mr. T sheds a tearLaurence Tureaud
Thread-Crap-No_Hope.jpgThread kitten ball of yarnThere is no hope for this threadanimal
Thread-Crap-Notice.jpgThread sign trash can pitchNotice your thread
Thread-Crap-Parental_Advisory.gifThread signParental Advistory Stupid Thread!
Thread-Crap-Religion.jpgThread religion acesACES! Another rediculous religion thread! I decided I'm an atheist. I'm so fucking sick of Christians So whats the deal with Jews anyway? I'm not sure I believe in God. OMFG! My fundie GF won't give me head!!11!1 LISTEN you fucking idiots, ot all Muslims are terrorists! My parents are forcing me to go to Chuch! Bible Contradictions [Long]!!! Tantric Buddhism = weird sex?
Thread-Crap-Scientists_agree.jpgThread Scientists agree This thread blows It's off the charts!
Thread-Crap-Sherlock.gifThread tophatThis thread is disturbing, WatsonSherlock Holmes
Thread-Crap-SickGerbil.jpgThread gerbil mouth pouchesThis thread makes me sickanimal
Thread-Crap-Stinks.jpgThread finger through nose Your thread STINKS!!!!
Thread-Crap-Stupid-Actors.jpgThread cosplay wtfThis thread is stupid!
Thread-Crap-Sucks.jpgThread facepalmsoh god…THIS THREAD SUCKS
Thread-Crap-Wake_Me_Up.jpgThread kittenWake me up when this thread gets interesting….animalW3bbo
Thread-Crap-Wont_Die.jpgThread zombie mummy braaaiinnssThis thread WON'T DIE
Thread-Crap-Worst_Ever.jpgThread sign highway climbWorst Topic Ever!!!
Thread-Direction.jpgThread road sign off-topicExit 17 Original Post Thread Direction Services 2 Miles
Thread-End_of.gifThread scissors EOT dotted line>>> End of thread CUT HERE
Thread-Gay-1950s.jpgThread Look Son! this thread is GAY!
Thread-Gay-Alf.jpgThread Alf stripThis thread is inconceivably gayAlf
Thread-Gay-Disturbing.jpgThread corgieThis thread is disturbingly GAY
Thread-Gay-Mentos.jpgThread mentosThis thread is GHEY
Thread-Gay-Really_Gay.gifThread gaysThis topic is really gayMichael Jackson
Thread-Gay-Simmons-02.gifThread This thread is GAYRichard Simmons
Thread-Gay-Theatre.jpgThread parasol straw boater hat playLook! Another Gay Thread
Thread-I_like_where_this_thread_is_going.jpgThread storm thunderclouds ship bad seas rainI like where this thread is going
Thread-Love_so_much.jpgThread kitten yarn awwwI love this thread SO MUCHanimal
Thread-Offtopic-Derailed.jpgThread trainThread derailed!
Thread-Offtopic-EOT.jpgThread chainsaw head splitEOT
Thread-Offtopic-Jules.jpgThread Topic motherfucker, Do you stay on it?Samuel L. Jackson
Thread-Rocks.jpgThread party hawaiin shirtThis thread…ROCKS!!!
Thread-Rocks-Mr_T.jpgThread bling chainsThis thread is !HARDCORE!Laurence Tureaud
Thread-Sucks-Chick_suck.gifThread blowjobThisthreadsucks
Thread-Sucks-Come_for-Arnold.jpgThread gun jungle camoI have come for this thread.Arnold Schwarzenegger
Thread-Sucks-Come_for-Bush.jpgThread window gazeI ahve came for this theardGeorge Bush
Thread-Sucks-Yoda.jpgThread star-wars lightsabre lightsaberBegun, a lame post hasYoda
Understand-Baby_Bee.jpgUnderstand WTF did he say?
Understand-Bill_and_Ted.jpgUnderstand excellent adventureDude, what is this guy talking about?Keanu Reeves Alex Winter
Understand-Bunny_(Pancake).jpgUnderstand rabbit pancake balance dorayakiI have no idea what you're talking about… so here's a bunny with a pancake on its headanimal OolongHironori Akutagawa
Understand-Bunny_(Toilet_Roll).jpgUnderstand bog paperanimal OolongHironori Akutagawa
Understand-Cant_hear_you.jpgUnderstand kitten missing earI can't hear youanimal
Understand-Cat.jpgUnderstand kitten tounge All Your BaseWhat you say?
Understand-Cat_(Melon).jpgUnderstand cat melon helmet
Understand-Coleman_(1).jpgUnderstand finger-pointingGary Coleman asks: What'chu talkin 'bout newb?Gary Coleman
Understand-Coleman_(2).jpgUnderstand Wat'chu talkin bout newb?Gary Coleman
Understand-Darth_Vader.jpgUnderstand star-warsI talk through a tube and I still make more sense than youDarth Vader
Understand-Horse.jpgUnderstand rocking horse non-sequiturWhat the FUCK are you trying to say
Understand-Huh-Cat.gifUnderstand cat wash shampooHUHanimal
Understand-Huh-Father_Ted.jpgUnderstand Father Jack Hackett deafwhatFrank Kelly
Understand-Huh-Hunh.jpgUnderstand Hunh?!?
Understand-Huh-Kitten.jpgUnderstand kittenHuh?animal
Understand-Huh-Worm.jpgUnderstand pipeHootie the worm says: "HUH?!"
Understand-Lightning.jpgUnderstand I can catch lightning in a bottle…and I still can't figure out what the fuck you just said
Understand-Monkey_Hump.jpgUnderstand Dr. Harry Harlow rhesus monkeyI really don't get this thread…so here's a monkey humping a robotanimal
Understand-Mr.T.jpgUnderstand sombero mexican blingQue?Laurence Tureaud
Understand-Panda.jpgUnderstand go-kart pandaThis picture makes more sense than you.animal
Understand-Testicle.jpgUnderstand egg-cup testicle hairyI have no idea what you're talking about. So here is a testicle in a cup.
Understand-Tolkien.jpgUnderstand What the fucka re you Tolkien about?J. R. R. Tolkien
W00t-Awesomes.jpgW00t Japanese stock tradersAWESOME!$@!!~!!
W00t-Bush.jpgW00t wootWOOT!!George Bush
W00t-Kid.jpgW00t woot sunglassesw00t!W3bbo
Why-Bunny_Cry.jpgWhy rabbitYou make bunny cry!animalW3bbo (Redone)
Why-Click_this_thread.jpgWhy orangutang shock fright hair-raisingWhy did I click on this thread?animal
Why-Dead_Cartoon.jpgWhy blood coffeeOh God Why Did Click That Link?
Why-Kitten.jpgWhy kitten fright hair-raisingWhy did I click on that link?animal
Why-Kittie_Scared.jpgWhy cat arghYou make kitty scaredanimal
Why-Oh_God.jpgWhy child screamOh god why did I click on that link/
Why-Reading_this_hurts.jpgWhy runner nikeReading this post hurt worse
Why-What_were_you_thinking.jpgWhy sign finger-trapNOTICE What the hell were you thinking?
Win-Assclown.jpgWin The Assclown Award Type R Awarded for exellence in not knowing what the hell you are talking about, making some bulletshit comment, pissing people off, or just plain being an idiot!
Win-Cookie.jpgWin chocolate-chip cookieGood Job, here's a cookie
Win-Cookie_Cream.jpgWin keyboardyuo get TWO cookies with teh whipped cream!!!1
Win-Duh.jpgWin The DUH award
Win-Fish.jpgWin fishyUo whin teh fish!!1! Fish go moo!animalW3bbo
Win-Retard_Prize.jpgWin retarded scoutsYou win the PRIZE!!
Win-Sandwich.jpgWin jam sandwich cheese sandwichYuo whin teh sammich!!!
WTF-Army_radio.jpgWTF military phonetic alphabetWhiskey Tango Foxtrot, OVER solider
WTF-Cat.jpgWTF cat head-slantWTF?!?!animal
WTF-Dog.gifWTF mincerWhat What Whatanimal
WTF-Dog.jpgWTF flying squashWTF?animal
WTF-Emotion_Eric.jpgWTF disgust monitorWhat the fuck?Emotion Eric
WTF-Orangutan.jpgWTF orangutang shock fright hair-raisingWTF?!animal
WTF-Pac_Man.jpgWTF pac-man JapaneseWTF
WTF-Panda_car.jpgWTF panda go-kartWTFanimal
WTF-Pikachu.jpgWTF pikachu orange fruitWhat the fuck?
WTF-Simba.jpgWTF Lion-KingWhat the fuck?!?Simba
WTF-String_face.jpgWTF WTF?!
You-Are-Awesome_(The_Office).gifYou The OfficeYou're awesome!!!Ricky Gervais
You-Are-Cool.jpgYou white tigerDamn. I'm so fucking cool.animal
You-Are-Cool_Ronald.jpgYou I still think you're coolRonald McDonald
You-Are-Cool-Pope.jpgYou thumbs-upEven the pope thinks you're ace!Pope John Paul IIW3bbo
YouAre-Da_man_(Saddam).jpgAce finger-point homieYou Da Man!Saddam Hussein
You-Are-Disappointing_bongo.jpgYou monkey baboon frozen iceYou disappointed bongo!animal
You-Are-Disgusting.jpgYou cat sickYou're so disgusting!animal
You-Are-Faith_Disturbing.jpgYou star-wars finger-pointingI find your lack of faith disturbingDarth Vader
You-Are-Fitting_In.jpgYou gay sailor dance street party float navyYou'd fit right insolider
You-Are-Foiled.jpgYou dog tinfoilFoiled again!animal
You-Are-Fucked_(Toilet_roll).jpgYou HA HA!! You're fucked now!
You-Are-Fucked_(Uncle_Sam).jpgYou YOU are so fuckedUncle Sam
You-Are-Fucked_Up.jpgYou mustard man spill apronOops! You fucked up!Mike "Nug" NahrgangSomething Awful
You-Are-Fucking_Idiot.jpgYou dialog box Confirm Are you a fucking idiot? Yes! Retry
You-Are-Fucking_Retard.gifYou Wow! You're fuckin' retard
You-Are-Fucktard_Cock_Monkey.jpgYou propaganda recruitment poster Who's a fucktard cockmonkey? Is it YOU?
You-Are-Full_of_Shit_(Toilet).jpgYou toilet crap chocolateYou are completely full of shit
You-Are-Got_owned.jpgYouAre DAMNDAMN you got OWNED
You-Are-Grammer_Nazi.jpgYou blackboardFucking grammar NaziAdolph Hitler Adolf Hitler
You-Are-Have_balls.jpgYou squirrel cats windowYou've got some balls my friend…animal
You-Are-In_The_Wrong_Forum.jpgYou Full Metal JacketHOLY SHIT! Wrong forum!
You-Are-It_sucks_to_be_you_(Nazi).jpgYouAre nazi Japan WW2Sucks to be you..
You-Are-Jackass.jpgYou donkey assYou Jackassanimal
You-Are-Kitten_Hurter.jpgYou kitten sad down-looking*YOU* made this kitten feel bad!animalW3bbo
You-Are-Masturbating-Chirac.jpgYou French finger-pointingI see you masturbatingJacques ChiracSpuD
You-Are-Masturbating-Kittens.jpgYou kittens stareWe see you masturbatinganimalSpuD
You-Are-Masturbating-Pope.jpgYou funny hands glassesI see you masturbatingPope John Paul II
You-Are-Not_Cool.jpgYou St. Patrick's dayYou're as cool as these two?Randy Constan
You-Are-Not_cool_(leet_speek).jpgYou hip-hopYou are not cool, StOp TiePiNg LyKe ThIs Yu0 sTo0p1d AzN pEiNoY pHaGgOt.
You-Are-Not_Special.jpgYou honestyYour parents lied. You're not special. You're just stupid.
You-Are-Owned.jpgYou simspsonsYou got ownedHomer Simpson
You-Are-Seizure_deserving.gifYou epilepsy animatedYou deserve a seizure for your posts
You-Are-Smoking_Crack.jpgYou crack pipe yodelling switzerlandYOU are smoking CRACK
YouAre-Sucker.jpgalbino gorillaSuckaanimal Snowflake
You-Are-Teh_Suck.jpgYou finger-pointing basketball fatYuo is teh suck
YouAre-Unsaved_DrWho.jpgDr. WhoNot even the sonic screwdriver can save your ass now.Tom Baker
You-Are-Want_Snuggplepuff.jpgYou star-wars teddyMr. Snugglepuff, you want him, but have him, you may notyoda
You-Are-Who_are_you.jpgYouAre guard dog stairsWho the fuck are you?animal
You-Are-You_Can_Do_It.jpgYou relay runner painYOU CAN DO IT
You-Are-You_fail_it.jpgYouAre console game mangaYou fail it!
You-Are-You_suck_at_this.gifYou slinky flame books futuramaYou suck at thisZoidberg